Life Changing.

ACI Alliance unites the medical community, patients, families, advocates and other professionals to improve the acceptance of and access to cochlear implants for one simple reason: to help enrich people's lives. Learn about our mission>>

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"I Can Hear You Whisper:
An Intimate Journey through the Science of Sound and Language.Click Here to view an interview on CBS
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“Most children who receive cochlear implants at an early age attend their neighborhood school with their siblings and friends. The access to sound provided by cochlear implantation is associated with improved levels of spoken language and literacy.”
Teresa Zwolan PhD
Vice Chair, Board of Directors, ACI Alliance

“The access to speech and environmental sounds provided by cochlear implants provide adults with extraordinary opportunities in the workplace.”
Donna L. Sorkin
Executive Director, ACI Alliance

“A cochlear implant assessment of any child with a severe to profound hearing loss should be made as early as possible. Outcomes are significantly better with early implantation. Click Here to find out more.

“Children and adults of all ages benefit from cochlear implantation. We have many patients who were in the 80s and 90s at the time they received a cochlear implant. Their lives have been dramatically enriched by their improved ability to communicate with family and friends.”
Craig A. Buchman, MD
Chair, Board of Directors, ACI Alliance