Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

ACI Alliance Featured in Volta Voices,the publication of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The March/April 2013 issue of AG Bell's bi-monthly publication Volta Voices carried a cover story on the ACI Alliance.  Dr. John Niparko, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Donna Sorkin, Executive Director are interviewed about the inspiration behind the creation of the new organization and its role in advancing cochlear implantation in the United States.  Niparko notes the dramatic underutilization by US candidate children compared with European children.  Sorkin discusses public policy initiatives that are the organization's initial focus.  For a link to the entire issue, go to:


Articles of Incorporation

The Certificate of Incorporation of “American Cochlear Implant Alliance Foundation” was filed with the Secretary of State of the state of Delaware on October 6, 2011. View certificate here >>


A Federal Employment identification Number was issued by the Internal Revenue Service on October 11, 2011. View documentation here>>

Tax-Exempt 501c(3) Status

The Internal Revenue Service classified the American Cochlear Implant Alliance as a public charity effective as of October 6, 2011. View certificate here>>

IRS Form 990

This 2011 Form 990 is for "Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax" and was filed with the IRS September 27, 2012. View documentation here>>