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April 10, 2014 -- The Importance of (brain) Connections in Psychology Today Magazine

Science writer Lydia Denworth explores the importance of brain connectivity in the April 9, 2014 Issue of Psychology Today. She relates the recently published findings on mouse brain connectivity and notes the relevance to reading as an exercise in plasticity. Denworth mentions the importance of such connectivity for her own deaf son, who hears with a cochlear implant.

The article is: HERE

September 10, 2013 -- Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award given to three for the development of the cochlear implant.

Three scientists have been recognized for their contributions to the development of the modern cochlear implant: Graeme Clark (Australia), Ingeborg Hochmair (Austria) and Blake Wilson (US) with the Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award. The Lasker Awards are among the most respected science prizes in the world and often presage future recognition by the Nobel committee.  Eighty-three Lasker laureates have received the Nobel Prize.  This is the first time that individuals involved in the development of cochlear implants have been recognized with such a distinguished honor.  Links to the story including an article on the Science page of the New York Times follows:

August 23, 2013 -- American Cochlear Implant Alliance hosts US Senator Kay Hagan at UNC pediatric cochlear implant program 

US Senator Kay Hagan visits UNC's Center for the Acquisition of Spoken Language Through Listening Enrichment (CASTLE), a family centered program for pediatric cochlear implant and hearing users.  The meeting was arranged by the ACI Alliance and UNC Ear and Hearing Center of UNC Hospitals to showcase the superlative early intervention services provided in North Carolina for families of children with hearing loss.  North Carolina has a long history of providing families with comprehensive, unbiased information about the range of communication and technology options available to children with hearing loss. Dr. Craig Buchman, Chairman of ACI Alliance, and others from the UNC Ear and Hearing Center spent the morning with Senator Hagan demonstrating first-hand the audiology and therapy services provided at their center. Center clinicians emphasized the critical role of early intervention in getting children on an early path to language development.  Families shared their experiences with Senator Hagan, who noted the importance of the "investment our government has made in research through NIH funding" and the impact it has had on the lives of children and adults who are deaf. To see more details, click HERE

August 16, 2013 -- American Cochlear Implant Alliance Updates CI 2013 Conference Program

The Alliance released an updated Conference Program. Dr. James Battey, Director of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, NIH, will address the Symposium on Saturday morning, October 26. For a full copy of the program click HERE

August 14, 2013 -- ACI Alliance Releases First e-magazine, ACI Alliance Call

The Alliance published its first e-magazine, ACI Alliance Calling, available to all Members and HERE