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Unique Resources for Better Hearing and Speech Month

Tuesday, May 1, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Susan Thomas
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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. ACI Alliance will be featuring unique resources about cochlear implants with new content each Tuesday this month.

ACI Alliance publishes three adult blogs highlighting rehabilitation and living with a cochlear implant. These are intended for professionals and especially adult recipients. Check out the two latest postings:

1. Naama Tsach PhD, a speech therapist and educational audiologist oversee our adult blogs and also, writes a blog for CI recipients and their families. Her new posting describes the role of a personal auditory trainer:

 2. Bruce Sloane's blog, An Octogenarian’s CI Journey, details his passage to improve his quality of life with a cochlear implant. His story began more than thirty years ago when he noticed a change in his hearing. His blog follows his journey with hearing aids and a turning point that helped him move forward his decision for a CI—thanks to an accidental meeting with a CI recipient in a supermarket. The most recent posts focus on his surgery and activation. This is a great resource for any adult considering a cochlear implant as well as family members:

Miranda Meyers is a college student who was implanted as a young child. Her blog covers her life experiences. She’s busy with finals right now but will be back soon with a new insightful and inspirational blog post. Read her prior posts:

The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.