American Cochlear Implant Alliance
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors exercises all corporate powers and manages the business and affairs of the Alliance. They establish program priorities central to its core mission of sponsoring research, increasing awareness and improving access to cochlear implants through advocacy while providing oversight of all activities carried out in support of its mission.


  Meredith Holcomb, AuD*
  Director of Cochlear Implants
  Assistant Professor
  University of Miami


*denotes Executive
Committee member


  Vice Chair --
  John Dornhoffer, MD
  Professor and Chairman
  Samuel D. McGill Chair in
  Otolaryngology Research
  Director of Otology and
  University of Arkansas for
  Medical Sciences/Arkansas
  Children’s Hospital

  Secretary --
  Jan Larky, AuD*
  Stanford Ear Institute
  Director, Cochlear Implant
  Stanford Health Care

  Treasurer --
  Oliver Adunka, MD*
  Professor and Director
  Otology, Neurotology and
  Cranial Base Surgery
  Department of Otolaryngology-
  Head and Neck Surgery
  Ohio State University   Nationwide Children’s Hospital


  Colin Driscoll, MD *
Professor and Chair,
  Department of Otolaryngology
  Head and Neck Surgery
  Mayo Clinic (MN)


  Amy Lynn Birath, AuD
  Pediatric Audiologist/Speech-
  Language Pathologist
  Coordinator of Speech-
  Language Pathology
  The Moog Center for
  Deaf Education

  Camille Dunn, PhD
  Director of Cochlear Implants
  Department of Otolaryngology 
  Head and Neck Surgery
  University of Iowa



  Andrew G. Shuman, MD
  Assistant Professor
  Department of Otolaryngology 
  Head and Neck Surgery
  University of Michigan Health


  Melissa J. W. Hall, MA, AuD
  Speech-Language Pathologist
  University of Florida Health

  Fred Telischi, MD
  CI 2019 Pediatric Co-Chair
  Chairman, Department of
  Miller School of Medicine
  University of Miami Ear



  Dr. Kevin D. Brown MD, PhD
Associate Professor
  Chief, Division of Otology &
  Medical Director Children’s
  Cochlear Implant Center
  Department of Otolaryngology
  Head and Neck Surgery and
  University of North Carolina
  School of Medicine


  Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD
  Associate Professor
  University of Texas at Dallas
  Callier Center for                        Communication Disorders


  David Kelsall, MD
  Medical Director, Rocky
  Mountain Ear Center PC
  Center for Hearing/Colorado
  Neurological Institute

  Donna L. Sorkin, M.A.
  Ex Officio Board Member
  Executive Director

Legal Counsel
Steven R. Rech, Partner
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.