Student/Resident Poster Competition at CI2018 DC
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American Cochlear Implant Alliance encourages student/resident attendees of the upcoming CI2018 DC Symposium to submit a poster. If you have worked on a research project or have an interesting clinical case, please submit your research and plan to present a poster as part of your participation in the upcoming conference. Accepted poster presenters must be registered for the conference.

A Student Poster Competition will be held for those enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or resident program. An academic advisor or other university official must verify student/resident status.

Poster Format

  • Your poster must meet these guidelines:
  • Posters must be no larger than 44" tall by 44" wide.
  • A copy of the abstract must be incorporated into the poster or may be attached to the upper left-hand corner of the panel.
  • A section at the top of the poster must contain the Title, Authors, and Affiliations.

Click here to review the complete CI2018 Poster Guidelines.

Judging Criteria
Content/Poster Organization and preparation

  • Details on the poster captures the important information about the topic and increases audience understanding
  • Introduction: covers previous literature, objectives and/or hypothesis
  • Methods and Materials: covers enough detail but not too much verbiage
  • Includes experimental design or execution of experiment/project
  • Results and Discussion: key outcomes
  • Tables and Figures: appropriate quality, size, and number
  • Conclusions/summary statements are included and valid
  • Literature Cited: list key citations
  • Poster is concise, logical, and self-explanatory

Display Appearance

  • Attractively displayed in color
  • Text, figures, tables, and photos labeled and large enough to view from 4’ away
  • Title, author(s), and affiliation/location cited at top in bold
  • Literature and scientific or trade names properly cited

Originality and Merit

  • Research put into broader context/justification
  • Understanding of the importance of this potential contribution
  • How research fits into the overall field

Oral Discussion/Knowledge and Presentation

  • Enthusiasm of subject area
  • Knowledge and competence in subject area
  • Presentation of poster highlights to judging committee (3-5 minutes max)
  • Ability to answer questions from judges

A winner and two honorable mentions will be selected and announced on Friday morning, March 9. Winner will receive a $100 cash prize. Winner and honorable mention recipients will be announced in ACI Alliance Calling and provided with a student membership.

Conference Registration
Poster presenters must register for the meeting. Student registration rates are offered.
Conference registration:

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