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A Young Adult's Perspective on Life with Cochlear Implants
Miranda Meyers is a college student who was born deaf and received a cochlear implant when she was two years of age. Her family followed an auditory-verbal, family-centered approach. Miranda has always attended mainstream schools and is an enthusiastic cochlear implant user. We are delighted to share her perspective as a young adult with cochlear implants. She is a great example for the future of cochlear implants. Members may comment on any posting by logging into your account.
9 12/10/2019
ACI Alliance Leaders
1 8/23/2018
An Octogenarian’s CI Journey
We are pleased to share Bruce Sloane's blog, An Octogenarian’s CI Journey, detailing his passage to improve his quality of life with a cochlear implant. His story began more than thirty years ago when he noticed a change in his hearing. It is typical of an adult who has progressive hearing loss. He was fit with his first hearing aids. He continued to experience loss of hearing acuity. As his hearing deteriorated, he experienced further changes in his ability to communicate in various settings. He was fit with stronger hearing aids with limited benefit. Finally, a turning point occurred that helped him move forward his decision for a CI—thanks to an accidental meeting with a CI recipient in a supermarket. This meeting changed the course of his hearing loss journey dramatically. The blog will focus on Bruce's decision to pursue a cochlear implant, the medical and audiological evaluations, the surgery, and the early outcomes. Please join us in following Bruce’s warm-hearted story.
10 9/24/2018
Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation for Adults
Welcome to Naama's Blog. I hope you will ask any questions you have here in the comment area below. You can also post your thoughts on what I have written or anything else related to adult rehabilitation. Members may comment on any posting by logging into your account. If you are not a member but wish to comment, please send your submission to . If you would like to write to me directly, please email me at: The Blog is intended as both a patient and a professional resource. This printable brochure may be used to refer adults and family members who may benefit.
36 10/8/2020
Members Share
Members Share - We encourage our members to share their work and solicit input and collaboration from others.
1 10/10/2017

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