The Listening Project
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At The Listening Project Film Premiere with Jane Madell and Five of the Stars

The Listening Project, a documentary featuring fourteen young adults sharing their stories about growing up deaf in a time of rapidly improving hearing technology, premiered at the ACI Alliance CI2018 DC conference. A panel discussion with five of the young adults in the film and Jane Madell PhD, filmmaker and their childhood audiologist, was held immediately after the premiere.

The panelists discuss their experiences navigating their way through school, friendships and slumber parties. They share stories about family support and judgment by others, career challenges and successes, and the importance of accepting their deafness on their own terms.

 Video: Panel discussion with Jane Madell and five of the film's stars.


The Listening Project

Click HERE to learn more about The Listening Project and it's availability.

Between Sound and Silence

The New York Times Op Docs published a short version of The Listening Project film called Between Sound and Silence. This documentary produced by one of the film producers, Irene Brodsky, includes some new material not included in the original film and demonstrates what is possible today for children with hearing loss using cochlear implants. We encourage you to share the documentary with your patients and colleagues.


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