ACI Alliance Staff
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Donna L. Sorkin MA
Executive Director 

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 "Faces Behind the Screen" interview by 3Play Media featuring Donna





Laura Odato MPP
Director of Operations and Marketing

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Jessica Houk MBA
Manager of Information Technology and Membership Services

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Nichole J. Westin MA
Government Affairs Manager

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Naama Tsach, PhD
Blog Coordinator 

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Peter Thomas, J.D.
Governmental Affairs Counsel
Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC







Cooper Vinz
Client Accountant



Scott Beitzel
Information Technology Services



American College of Surgeons
Meeting Planners 




Cindy Dyer
Dyer Design 



Internet Marketing




The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.