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ACI Alliance’s role is to advance awareness of best practices related to cochlear implants among patients and their families, clinicians including primary care doctors and other health professionals, early interventionists, educators, policy-makers, payers and the general public.

  • Co-design and conduct national and international CI symposia highlighting research, clinical issues, (re)habilitation, quality of life/cost effectiveness, health care policy, and insurance issues
  • Expand the ACI Alliance website to be the premier source of research-based information to support access to cochlear implantation
  • Review and provide input on the accuracy of information provided by others via web-based and other formats

Every second counts for babies who need help to hear


Our executive director Donna Sorkin had the opportunity to speak with Esther Cepeda (Washington Post Writers Group and Syndicated Columnist)about the importance of cochlear implants. Cepeda chronicled her conversation Chron. Cochlear implants are remarkable technological devices that can help deaf people hear again. Donna addressed the challenges of educating and helping the public and even health care professionals understand the treatment. She noted that the information families receive after their child is identified with hearing loss often omits a comprehensive discussion of options so that families can make informed choices for their children with hearing loss. You can read the full article here.

ACI Alliance Op-Ed on Options for Deaf Children

American Cochlear Implant Alliance is delighted to announce that the Houston Chronicle published an important op-ed on April 13, 2018 on the options available to deaf children: The op-ed highlights the need for parents to have full information to make informed decisions on language development options, including cochlear implants, for their deaf children.

Sirius XM Cochlear Implant Special

Doctor Radio joined ACI Alliance at CI 2018 DC to record a special presentation of the Otolaryngology Show. The Cochlear Implant Special can be heard on Sirius XM 110 Radio. The show covers a range topics including the cochlear implant process, the surgery and aftercare, how a CI works, and health insurance coverage. Show participants included one of the producers and several of the stars of the the newly released documentary The Listening Project.  To listen, visit and search “ACI Alliance.” If you aren’t a Sirius subscriber, you can create a 30-day trial membership. This is a useful resource for parents and families.


The Listening Project

The Listening Project - a new documentary by Irene Taylor Brodsky and Jane R. Madell, premiered on Friday, March 9 at the CI2018 DC Emerging Issues Symposium in Washington, DC.  The film explores the changing face of deafness and the opportunity offered by advanced hearing technology, cochlear implants and hearing aids, through the experience of fourteen deaf people. Click HERE to learn more about the film and it's availability.


ACI Alliance and Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Partnered to Improve Cochlear Implant Awareness

Together, ACI Alliance and HLAA are reached out to adults and others to improve information flow from trusted sources and increased the likelihood that adult candidates will pursue cochlear implant intervention. Although cochlear implants have been shown to provide life-changing benefits and high rates of cost effectiveness, utilization rates in the United States are still stuck at 5% of adults who could benefit. This percentage is unchanged from the past 10 years. We worked to expand awareness about cochlear implant candidacy and outcomes for adults. This collaboration featured three awareness initiatives:

  • ACI Alliance provided presentations by cochlear implant clinicians at HLAA Chapter meetings to improve information at the local community level.
  • ACI Alliance sponsored the Consumer Research Symposium Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants: Merging Technologies, Expanding Benefits at the upcoming HLAA 2017 Convention in Salt Lake City.
  • ACI Alliance and HLAA are worked together to provide content for the excellent bi-monthly HLAA publication; Hearing Loss Magazine is an important source of information for consumers. The January/February 2017 issue includes a fascinating comparison between development and adoption of the Internet and that of cochlear implantation authored by Internet guru Vinton Cerf. Click HERE to view the article.

For further information on these awareness initiatives click HERE.


Educational Seminars on CI Advances

Cochlear implant candidacy and outcomes have advanced reflecting technology improvements and better linkage between the surgical intervention and follow-up care. Children and adults with a wider range of hearing loss and other medical issues are now benefiting importantly from traditional cochlear implants as well as hybrid and auditory brainstem implants. Medicare age individuals who have been told they have a bit too much hearing to qualify for Medicare coverage for a CI may be candidates for a clinical study.  HLAA Chapter and ACI Alliance are collaborating to help possible candidates, family members and professionals learn more about advances in technology, candidacy and outcomes.

Click HERE for presentation materials. 


"I Can Hear You Whisper: An Intimate Journey through the Science of Sound and Language.”

My toddler was not learning to talk the way his brothers did… Was something wrong? My search for answers in the science of sound, language, and astounding medical breakthroughs is a journey into the mysteries of the human brain.” Lydia Denworth

Click Here to view an interview on CBS

Click Here to go to the Author's Page

Teen Gains Cocchlear Implant Through ACA Marketplace Plans

The ACA Marketplace plans typically cover cochlear implantation. One teen in Chicago purchased her own ACA plan when her parents' employer insurance refused to cover her cochlear implant surgery.


 Click Here  for online article. 



The film 95 Decibels is based on the true story of a family’s experience when their daughter was diagnosed as profoundly deaf at 18 months of age. It explores their fears and the obstacles they faced as well as the support they received from hearing care professionals and parents of other deaf children. The 27-minute drama was written and directed by Lisa Reznik, the mother of 17 year-old student with a cochlear implant was launched at the CI2013 Symposium in Washington DC on October 24, 2013.




Media Coverage

Cochlear Implant Developers; Graeme Clark (Australia), Ingeborg Hochmair (Austria) and Blake Wilson (US), receive prestigious Lasker Awards (“American Nobel’s”) for medical research and contributions to public health.

New York Times coverage

Awareness activities at CI2013

ACI Alliance used the opportunity of having Major General Robert Hedelund, USMC as a speaker during the Opening Ceremonies to address traumatic injuries, deafness and cochlear implants in the military. General Hedelund was previously director of Marine and Family Programs and hence is familiar with hearing loss, acknowledging that it is the number one disability for men and women who have served in active duty. Although post-traumatic stress disorder has received more attention, in fact the VA numbers indicate that auditory injuries are growing rapidly with incidence of 29 of 1,000 soldiers reporting hearing loss. Those numbers will grow in the decades ahead. Hedelund commented that “I don’t think any young man or woman joining the Marine Corps thinks that in 4 years or in 40 years, you will come away from your experience serving your country deaf.”

Craig Buchman, ACI Alliance Board Chair, presents a recognition plaque to Major General Robert Hedelund, USMC.

ACI Alliance encourages accurate discussion of cochlear implantation and its benefit for appropriate children and adults in widespread media outlets. At its CI2013 Symposium, the Alliance sought media coverage of the opening ceremony as well as other conference content to expand general awareness about deafness and cochlear implants. We were pleased to have stimulated three excellent mainstream media articles—two on deafness and cochlear implants among military personnel and a third documenting the benefits of cochlear implants for older adults.

NY Times, A Different Kind of Hearing Aid.

Bloomberg, Thank our Veterans by Helping Them Hear.

The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.