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Cochlear Implants International, Supplement 1, March 2012, entitled "Access to Cochlear Implantation,” is available free in electronic format now.  

The Supplement brings together the experiences and perspectives of cochlear implant clinicians, educators and advocates from around the globe.  Each author examines the issue of cochlear implant access in his or her own country.  While there is diversity in the five countries reviewed (Belgium, China, Japan, the UK, and the US), there are also important commonalities.  A link to the Supplement is available HERE.

Otology & Neurotology, March 2016,  Volume 37 Issue 3,  is available with free and open access format. 

This paper explores access factors in six developed countries: Austria, Australia, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the United States. Each of the six countries examined has advanced health care systems and active cochlear implant programs. The study reflects insights provided by representatives of these countries during a panel convened at the 14th Symposium on Cochlear Implants in Children held December 2014 in Nashville (TN). Pediatric utilization was 90% or more in European countries other than Germany and also in Australia but was only 50% in the US. Adult utilization was low in all of the countries examined due to a number of issues including a lack of screening for hearing loss in adults and a low referral rates from primary care physicians and even audiologists and other dispensing hearing care professionals.  Please click HERE for a link to the publication.

The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.