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The following are the stories of children and adults who received cochlear implants. Learn more about the CI process and outcomes from them.


Early Detection of Hearing Loss

Jake Noyd knows his cochlear implants give him super power—the power to hear! The six-year-old kindergartner is “on fire” thanks to the support of his family and an intensive early education program. Identified with a profound hearing loss at birth, Jake's family wasted no time in pursuing cochlear implants and enrolling in a spoken language education program.

Jake Noyd's Portrait


Early Intervention Success Story

Early identification and intervention for kids with hearing loss can make a huge impact in helping a child reach their full speech, language and social development potential. That is why we were excited to see what happens when the early intervention process is carried out the way it should be as it did with Neil Maes, an eleven year old boy with cochlear implants who competed in the Scripps National Bee in May 2016. Please view the portrait to read about the Maes family’s hearing journey and the importance of early intervention. Their story is a wonderful example of how early intervention and detection leads to success.

Maes Family Portrait


Spelling Bee Wonder

Neil Maes, featured above in our early intervention success story, keeps amazing us with his spelling skills.  After competing in the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the second time, Neil spoke to us about what it takes to reach the national level and his goal to return one more time.  

Neil Maes Interview

College Student Experiencing Independence

Ashley Jackson is a college student drawing on her own experience of being deaf and blind to pursue a degree in Family and Consumer Science.  Cochlear implants are helping her reach her academic goals and plan a future helping families that have children with special needs. 

Ashley Jackson's Portrait


A Career in Public Service following Cochlear Implantation

Tonia McDonald, a Job Readiness Training Coordinator with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department, attributes her personal success story to receiving cochlear implants as a young adult. The improved hearing provided by her CI's allowed her to pursue higher education and a career in public service.

Tonia McDonald's Portrait


Deaf ENT physician discusses his path to becoming a surgeon with cochlear implants

Chad Ruffin MD, otolaryngologist at Indiana University Cochlear Implant Program at IU Health, discusses his trials and triumphs in becoming a surgeon using cochlear implants.

The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance Foundation is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.