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American Cochlear Implant Alliance offers an auditory rehabilitation resource, Naama’s Blog. The Blog provides support to adults who are either candidates for, or recipients of, cochlear implants and their families. Blog entries discuss the following topics:

  1. Welcome/Naama's Background
  2. Why Adult Rehabilitation is Important
  3. The Hearing Assessment
  4. Constructive Communication
  5. Listening to the Sounds Around You
  6. Self Learning Tips: Part I
  7. Self Learning Tips: Part II
  8. Unilateral Hearing
  9. Adult CI Support Groups: Part I
  10. Adult CI Support Groups: Part II
  11. Emotional Impact of Cochlear Implantation
  12. Quality of Life Improvement
  13. A Retrospective Look at Cochlear Implantation in Adults with Prelingual Hearing Loss
  14. A Retrospective Look at Cochlear Implantation in Older Children with Prelingual Hearing Loss
  15. Cochlear Implantation for Adults with Prelingual Deafness
  16. Cochlear Implants and Adults with Congenital Hearing Loss
  17. What’s Old is New Again if We’re Lucky
  18.  Music Appreciation Following Cochlear Implantation
  19.  A First Anniversary Blog Post
  20. Home Practice Tools: How to Build your Own Auditory Training Word List
  21.  Auditory Training Using Your Own Word Lists Can Be Fun!
  22. Assistive Listening Devices for Cochlear Implants
  23. Can you "fail the test” and still be a successful CI user?
  24. How to Begin Talking on the Telephone with Your Cochlear Implant
  25. Audio Books as a Home Practice Tool
  26. You’ve been asked to be a personal auditory trainer. What do you need to know?
  27. Listening Effort and Fatigue: Part 1
  28. Listening Effort and Fatigue: Part 2
  29. A Young Adult's Perspective
  30. An Octogenarian's CI Journey
  31. Listening to Songs with a Cochlear Implant
  32. The Challenge of Adults for Learning to Listen

The Blog is intended as both a patient and a professional resource. The attached printable brochure may be used to refer adults and family members who may benefit.  Please click HERE to download a printable resource. 


The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.