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Thursday, March 5, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jessica Houk
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Member Surveys

In an effort to support and advance research activities by our members, ACI Alliance provides a service to assist our members to collect information from other CI clinicians and investigators on the CI process, outcomes, access barriers and research needs. Twice every year—in February and in August—we solicit and electronically distribute surveys that have been submitted by members.This has resulted in valuable publications, presentations at our meetings, and improvements in clinic services.

Please support your colleagues by participating in their surveys, as appropriate.

Title:Defining Adult CI Auditory Rehabilitation
Summary:The purpose is to examine clinicians’ perspectives and definitions of auditory rehabilitation for adults with cochlear implants. This is a collaborative research project being conducted by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and University of Arkansas.
Audience:Any clinician who works with adult CI patients

Title:Use of Accommodations by teens and young adults with cochlear implants
Summary:Little research is available regarding the types of accommodations most often used by students with cochlear implants. The purpose of this survey is to query teens and young adults with cochlear implants and/or their parents regarding their use of accommodations in high school. Topics addressed in the survey include demographic information (age at implant, school setting, method of communication, desired degree), types of accommodations used, and school and employers’ willingness to provide and support accommodations.
Audience:We are asking professionals (audiologists, speech pathologists, CI teams) to inform young adults and teens with CIs and their families about the survey (i.e. posting it on their Facebook page) so that their information can be included in our results.

Title:Music and Quality of Life for Adults
Summary:We are interested in how and why adults listen to music, and if this differs if you have a hearing loss. Knowledge from this project will help us to understand better if having a hearing loss affects enjoyment or appreciation of music, which is the second most important sound that we listen to. This survey takes about 15-20 minutes. It asks about how well you hear different parts of music and how important those different parts of music are. Then, it asks you about your overall health and wellness.
Audience:Adults with CIs (Anyone in the clinic, center or school is urged to share the link with patients/others)

Title:Cochlear implantation in Single-Sided Deafness
Summary:This survey is designed to investigate trends in cochlear implant candidacy assessment for adults with single-sided deafness. We hope to better understand what cochlear implant centers around the U.S. are doing and compare their experiences that to our practice and our case series at the New York Eye and Ear infirmary of Mount Sinai.
Audience:Cochlear implant center directors

Title:Cochlear Implant Time and Effort
Summary:This survey is designed to help us understand the amount and type of time and effort expended in the routine care of cochlear implant patients, apart from the surgery time. Knowledge about streamlining decision-making, intraoperative testing, and programming visits can lead to understanding about what is currently being done and may enable improvements that could enable wider access to CI.
Audience:Cochlear implant surgeons and audiologists

Title:Daily Device Use
Summary:The Children & Infant Listening Lab (CHILL) is interested in how children with cochlear implants wear their device(s) and how the child hears and communicates. This information will help us understand how wearing a cochlear implant affects a child’s ability to communicate. Parents/guardians will provide their contact information to the CHILL group via a general link ( so we can:
1. Get their permission to obtain information from the child’s audiologist and speech-language pathologist about his or her hearing loss, cochlear implant, and test results;
2. Send parents a link to an online survey that asks questions about themselves and their family using an online survey (takes about 45 minutes).
3. Send a $25 gift card as a “thank you” for being in our study.
Audience:Seeking clinicians to share this link with parents who have children with cochlear implants younger than 6 years of age. The parents will submit their contact information via a general link on our lab website provided below. We then will contact the parents to enroll them in the Daily Device Use study (i.e., to gain informed consent, release of records, request clinical records, send the survey link).
Link:CI clinicians share link to CHILL website with families of children younger than 6 years:
Families can complete the contact information form in English ( or in Spanish (
The actual survey for parents to complete as part of the Daily device use study is located at the Qualtrics platform.

Title:Language Sample Survey
Summary:We are gathering information regarding the use and perceived benefit/detriments of language sampling. This information will be shared with those working in the field.
Audience:Speech language pathologists, teachers of the deaf, educators, audiologists providing aural rehabilitation

The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.