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CI2020 Online is Live!

Monday, May 4, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jessica Houk
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We are delighted to announce that CI2020 Online is now available for viewing.  The program was developed by the UNC Scientific Committee based upon content that had been planned for the in-person CI2020 International conference, cancelled due to COVID-19. It has a total of 13 hours of content. All courses are free and available on demand; you can view as many courses as you would like in any order you wish.  

What will be presented?
The conference is divided into three sessions, each with four or five one hour courses.  To view the full conference program, go to:
The evidence-based information presented is applicable to all professionals working in the field of cochlear implantation as well as those who want to learn more about it. The conference explores a range of current and emerging topics that impact outcomes for adults and children with cochlear implants and other auditory devices.

How do I access the online program?
Conference access will be via registration on AudiologyOnline (free access to view conference, $99 for an annual membership/CEU access) or via registration on ($99 CEU subscription required to view as well as to earn CEUs).  

Where is the sign-up?
AudiologyOnline - -

Do I need to be a member of ACI Alliance to take courses?  
No, the CI2020 program is open to all for free.  We welcome you as a member if you are not already one. You are not required to join AudiologyOnline to take courses (if you won’t need CEUs). 

How do I earn CEUs?
To earn CEUs, you must register with AudiologyOnline or and become a member for $99.  Joining their program allows you to take unlimited numbers of courses for CEUs from AAA, ASHA, AG Bell and several other non-US CEU providers.  To receive CEUs for CI2020 Online, you must take all of the courses in a selected session. Each session has four or five hours of course content.  You can take the courses in whatever you wish and you do not need to take them all at once. To maximize the number of CEU hours from CI2020 Online, take all three sessions for a total of 13 hours of CEUs.

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If you have questions about getting signed on or obtaining CEUs, you may wish to connect directly with:
AudiologyOnline - -

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