Student Scholarship Opportunity
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Student Scholarship Recipients


NAME                                      INSTITUTION                                DEGREE

Alexandra Watts University of Iowa AuD
Alissa Knickerbocker Arizona State University AuD
Arun Manakal Raghavan University of Cincinnati MD
Brittney Medina University of Washington AuD
Claire Letendre Northwestern University AuD
Colleen O’Brien Long Island Doctor of Audiology Consortium (St. John’s University home school) AuD
Danielle Gillard University of California, San Diego School of Medicine MD, MAS Clinical Research
Elaine Smolen Teachers College, Columbia University PhD in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education
Emily Janae Camacho Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine AuD
Fatma Hassaneen Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus MA, Speech Language Pathology
Gabrielle S. Watson Oregon Health Sciences University AuD
Jourdan Holder Vanderbilt PhD in Hearing and Speech
Katelyn Berg Vanderbilt University AuD/PhD in Hearing and Speech
Kathryn Marsh University of Florida PhD in School Psychology
Kathryn Wiseman University of Texas at Dallas PhD in Brain and Behavioral Sciences
Kaylene King University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill AuD
Kelli McGuire University of Cincinnati AuD/PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kira Sullivan University of South Florida AuD
Nicholas L. Deep NYU Langone Health MD, Fellowship in Neurotology
Nichole Dwyer Vanderbilt University AuD
Nicole M. Day University of South Florida AuD
Stephanie Fowler University of Texas at Dallas AuD/PhD in Communication Disorders
Steven Carter Vanderbilt University AuD

Congratulations to all our recipients!


The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.