CI2019 Pediatric Session Materials
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* Additional Session Materials will be posted as permission from the author is obtained.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

9:10 AM John Niparko Memorial Lecture: Sound Processing in Healthy and Hurting Brain: What Have We Learned from Music and Concussion? Nina Kraus, PhD

10:10 AM Beyond the CI: The Role of Therapy, Education and Family Engagement Chairs: Ivette Cejas, PhD; Nancy Mellon, MS

10:10 AM Variability of CI Outcomes: Is it Device, Mapping or Cognition? Chairs: David Landsberger, PhD; Mario Svirsky, PhD 

10:10 AM Genes/Surgical Issues Chairs: Ronna Hertzano, MD; Hao Wu, MD

12:40 PM Moving the Field Forward: Expanding Indications & Special Populations Chairs: Sarah Coulthurst, AuD; Ken Kazahaya, MD 

12:40 PM Surgical Techniques/Innovations Regency Moderators: Moises Arriaga, MD; Sarah Mowry, MD 
12:40 PM Getting the Most out of the CI - Audiology Moderators: Michael Scott, AuD; Teresa Zwolan, PhD
2:40 PM Imaging/Surgical Regency Moderators: Joni Doherty, MD; Colin Driscoll, MD 
2:40 PM Cognition Moderators: Derek Houston, PhD; David Jung, MD  
2:40 Music Moderators: Blake Papsin, MD; Jay Rubinstein, MD  
3:40 PM Poster Highlights 1: Audiology Outcomes Moderators: Jolie Fainberg, MA; Shawnee Gastal, AuD 
3:40 PM Poster Highlights 2: Pediatrics Moderators: Howard Francis, MD; Jennifer Woodard, AuD 
3:40 PM Poster Highlights 3: Medical/Surgical Moderators: Oliver Adunka, MD; Michal Luntz, MD 
Friday July 12, 2019
8:40 AM What is ACI Alliance Doing to Advance CI Access? 
10:30 AM Complex Cases: Multidisciplinary Management Chairs: Rene Gifford, PhD; Fred Telischi, MD 
10:30 AM Advanced Programming Moderators: Melissa Hall, AuD; Janine Larky, AuD 
10:30 AM Education Moderators: Jen Haney, MA; Melissa Oliver  
1:00 PM Audiological Considerations Moderators: Julia Reid, AuD; Wilder Roberts, AuD 
1:00 PM Social/Emotional Moderators: Tava Arnold, PhD; Karl White, PhD 
1:00 PM Medical/Surgical: Inner Ear Malformations Regency Moderators: Sharon Cushing, MD; Sam Marzo, MD  
2:10 PM (Re)habilitation Moderators: Ann Geers, PhD; Debra Schrader, LSLS Cert AVT 
2:10 PM Candidacy Moderators: Sandra Prentiss, PhD; Adrian Leigh Taylor, AuD Word Recognition and Audiometric Profiles of Cochlear Implant Candidacy Camille Dunn, PhD 
2:10 PM Medical/Surgical Moderators: Stephen Cass, MD; Daniela Carvalho, MD, MMM 
3:40 PM (Re)habilitation Moderators: Amy Birath, AuD, LSLS Cert AvEd; Gayla Guignard, MA, LSLS Cert. AVT  
3:40 PM Service Delivery/Practice Management Moderators: David Haynes, MD; Linda Hazard, PhD 
3:40 PM Audiology: Predicting Speech Understanding Moderators: Noelle Roth, AuD; Stacy Payne, AuD 
Saturday, July 13, 2019
8:40 AM Keynote Lecture: What They Hear and What They Say: Language Learning in a Bilingual Context Elizabeth Peña, PhD 
9:20 AM Predicting and Improving Outcomes Moderators: Seema LaGree, AuD; Kelly Murphy, AuD 
9:20 AM Management of Bilingual Patients Moderators: Sarah Radlinski, MS; Sandra Velandia, AuD 
9:20 AM Bone Conduction Moderators: Lisa Christensen, AuD; Daniel Lee, MD  
10:35 AM Telemedicine Moderators: Matthew Fitzgerald, PhD; Joy Murdock Kearns, MS, LSLS Cert. AVEd 
10:35 AM Single Sided Deafness Moderators: Griet Mertens, PhD; Daniel Zeitler, MD 
10:35 AM Cochlear Nerve Moderators: Sujana Chandrasekhar, MD; William Shapiro, PhD 
11:45 AM Electrocochleography  Moderators: Samantha Anne, MD; Craig Buchman, MD  
11:45 AM (Re)habilitation Moderators: Lori Bobsin, PhD; Becky Clem, MA, LSLS Cert. AVT 
11:45 AM Audiology Outcomes Moderators: Sarah Warren, AuD, PhD; Alyssa Whinna, AuD 
The mission of the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance is to advance access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness.